Reiki Choku Rei Energy Pendant Necklace
Reiki Choku Rei Energy Pendant Necklace

Reiki Choku Rei Energy Pendant Necklace

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Reiki symbols are believed to be keys that open higher levels of awareness and energy and are treated as good health amulets. Carry this sterling silver Amethyst Gemstone Reiki energy pendant to enhance the flow of life force energy.

Pendant size: 1.25''x0.90 (32 mm x 23 mm).

Incluided silver chain.

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Cho-ku-rei is the symbol of power and means "Put all the power of the Universe here". The spiral represents protection where Reiki energy surrounds you.

Thus, a gesture imitating the symbol can be made over people in order to protect them. The same can be done over animals or over what people consume - food or medicine.

Not only with the hands, but mentally, the symbol can be made in order to wrap things. Doing so by thinking about a means of transportation can ensure a safe journey, for example.

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