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Archangel Raphael Necklace - Sterling...
Archangel Raphael Necklace - Sterling...
Archangel Raphael Necklace - Sterling...
Archangel Raphael Necklace - Sterling...

Archangel Raphael Necklace - Sterling Silver Angel Necklace - Religious Angel Necklace - French Angel Pendant Necklace

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Our Archangel Raphael Necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry that embodies the divine healing and protective powers of the Archangel Raphael. Made from high-quality 925 Sterling Silver, the intricate pendant features a detailed depiction of the Archangel Raphael that is sure to capture your heart.

Measuring 0.98x0.98 inches (25X25 mm), this pendant is the perfect size for everyday wear, and is sure to become a treasured piece in your collection. The necklace comes with a beautiful 925 Sterling Silver Italian rollo chain, ensuring that it is ready to wear and enjoy right out of the box.

Wearing this necklace is the perfect way to keep a divine protector close to your heart, and to tap into the powerful healing energies of the Archangel Raphael. Whether you're seeking guidance, protection, or simply want to keep a reminder of the divine close to you, this Archangel Raphael Necklace is the perfect choice. Order yours today and let the blessings of the Archangel Raphael bring peace and healing into your life.

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Archangel Raphael is an important figure in many religions, including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In Christian tradition, Raphael is one of the seven archangels who stand before the throne of God, and is widely regarded as the patron saint of healing, particularly for those who are suffering from physical or mental illnesses.

The name Raphael is derived from the Hebrew words "Rophe" and "El," which together mean "God heals." In the Old Testament, Raphael is mentioned in the book of Tobit, where he is described as a guide, healer, and protector. In this story, Tobit's son, Tobias, is sent on a journey with Raphael as his companion, and together they encounter various obstacles and demons along the way. Through his guidance and protection, Raphael helps Tobias to overcome these challenges and return home safely.

In Christian tradition, Raphael is often depicted as a guardian angel, with a staff and a fish, which is a symbol of healing. He is also sometimes shown with a bottle or flask of medicine, emphasizing his role as a healer. In some paintings and sculptures, Raphael is depicted as standing on or near a serpent, which is a symbol of Satan or evil, representing his power to protect and overcome temptation.

The Archangel Raphael is revered by many who seek healing or guidance in their lives. Some people wear jewelry or carry talismans bearing his image as a way to connect with his healing energy. In particular, the Archangel Raphael Necklace made of 925 Sterling Silver is a popular choice among those seeking protection and healing.

In addition to his role as a healer, Archangel Raphael is also believed to be a guide and protector, helping individuals to find their way through life's challenges and overcome obstacles. His presence is said to bring comfort and peace to those who are struggling with illness, grief, or emotional pain.

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J'ai acheté le collier Archangel Raphael pour ma mère, qui a un lien spécial avec l'ange de la guérison. Elle était ravie de le recevoir et ne le quitte plus depuis ! Le pendentif en argent sterling est magnifique et la chaîne italienne ajoute une touche de sophistication. Le service clientèle de KalismaBijoux était également exceptionnel, répondant rapidement à mes questions et offrant une garantie d'un an sur le collier. Je recommande vivement ce collier à tous ceux qui cherchent un bijou significatif et élégant à porter.

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