925 Sterling Silver Viking Rune Stave Pendant Necklace - The Vegvisir
925 Sterling Silver Viking Rune Stave...
925 Sterling Silver Viking Rune Stave...
925 Sterling Silver Viking Rune Stave...
925 Sterling Silver Viking Rune Stave...
925 Sterling Silver Viking Rune Stave...
925 Sterling Silver Viking Rune Stave...
925 Sterling Silver Viking Rune Stave Pendant Necklace - The Vegvisir

925 Sterling Silver Viking Rune Stave Pendant Necklace - The Vegvisir

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Immerse yourself in the magic of Viking history with our exquisite 925 Sterling Silver "The Vegvisir" or "Runic Compass" Pendant Necklace. Crafted with precision from high-quality sterling silver, this pendant showcases an intricately detailed Vegvisir symbol, known for its protective qualities during sea navigation in Viking culture.

Measuring at 1.18"x1.57" (30x40mm), the pendant is a striking yet tasteful statement piece, offering elegance and meaning in one. The accompanying 2.5mm black leather cord, equipped with a lobster clasp and extender (+1.96"in / +5cm), ensures a comfortable fit for various neck sizes.

This pendant necklace serves as a thoughtful and unique gift for those who cherish Viking history, mythology, and culture. Embrace the opportunity to wear a piece of jewelry that not only stands out but also tells a story of protection and adventure.

Invest in this stunning accessory today and infuse your everyday wear with the enchanting magic of the Viking rune stave. The combination of craftsmanship, symbolism, and versatility makes this pendant necklace a must-have for anyone seeking to add a touch of Norse mythology to their personal style.

Material-wise, the pendant is made from 925 sterling silver, while the black leather cord contributes to the overall aesthetic. The pendant size of 1.18"x1.57" (30x40mm) and the cord length of 2.5mm, along with the lobster clasp and extender (+1.96"in / +5cm), ensure both visual appeal and adaptability in wear. The design itself features an intricately detailed Vegvisir or runic compass symbol, capturing the essence of Viking heritage in a timeless piece of jewelry.


The Vegvisir, also known as the Runic Compass, is a powerful symbol deeply rooted in Norse mythology and ancient runic traditions. Crafted in silver, this pendant holds not only aesthetic appeal but also profound historical and cultural significance.

At first glance, the Vegvisir appears as an intricate design of runic symbols interwoven in a circular pattern. However, its true essence lies in its purpose as a navigational tool. In Old Norse, "Vegvisir" translates to "guidepost" or "direction sign," emphasizing its role in guiding travelers through rough and unknown terrains.

The symbol gained prominence during the Viking Age, a time when seafaring and exploration were integral parts of Norse culture. Sailors and adventurers would often embark on perilous journeys, facing the unpredictability of the open seas. In such challenging conditions, the Vegvisir served as a protective talisman, believed to provide guidance and ensure a safe return home.

The runic compass is often accompanied by the Huld Manuscript, an Icelandic grimoire, where its purpose and usage are explained. According to the text, when worn or inscribed, the Vegvisir grants its bearer the ability to find their way even when the path is unclear. It is seen as a symbol of resilience, offering comfort and assurance during times of uncertainty.

Crafted from sterling silver, the pendant not only embodies the historical significance of the Vegvisir but also showcases the artistry and craftsmanship of those who create it. The choice of silver as the primary material holds its own symbolism; silver is associated with purity, clarity, and protection in various cultural and spiritual contexts.

Wearing a Vegvisir pendant goes beyond mere fashion. It becomes a personal connection to the rich heritage of the Norse people and a reminder of the strength within oneself to navigate life's challenges. The runic compass is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a tangible link to the past, a source of inspiration, and a testament to the enduring spirit of exploration and resilience.

In a world where individuals often seek meaning and connection, the silver Vegvisir pendant stands as a timeless emblem, resonating with those who appreciate both the beauty of craftsmanship and the depth of cultural history. As you wear this pendant, may it serve as a silent guide, pointing you towards your true north and empowering you on your journey through the vast seas of life.

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Storslagen Vegvisir Hänge!
Tack så mycket! Älskar min nya silver Vegvisir-hänge. Det är vackert och har en fantastisk kvalitet!

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