Metatron's Cube, Sterling Silver...
Metatron's Cube, Sterling Silver...
Metatron's Cube, Sterling Silver...
Metatron's Cube, Sterling Silver...
Metatron's Cube, Sterling Silver...
Metatron's Cube, Sterling Silver...

Metatron's Cube, Sterling Silver Metatron's Cube Pendant Necklace, Sacred Geometry, Merkaba

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Experience the divine energy of Metatron's Cube with this 100% handmade Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace. The Metatron's Cube is a sacred geometrical symbol believed to represent the energy patterns of creation and the interconnectedness of all things.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this stunning pendant features the intricate and mesmerizing design of Metatron's Cube. The pendant measures 0.94 inches by 0.94 inches (24x24 mm), making it the perfect size for daily wear or as a statement piece.

Made from high-quality 925 Sterling Silver, this pendant is not only visually striking but also durable and long-lasting. The included 925 Sterling Silver chain complements the pendant beautifully and provides a secure and comfortable fit around the neck.


Sacred geometry is the belief that there is a fundamental relationship between geometry and spirituality. It is a term used to describe the universal patterns and shapes found in nature, architecture, and art. These patterns and shapes are believed to hold profound symbolic and spiritual meaning.

One of the most common shapes found in sacred geometry is the circle. The circle has been revered throughout history as a symbol of perfection, unity, and infinity. It is a shape that has no beginning or end, and therefore represents the eternal and cyclical nature of life.

Another common shape found in sacred geometry is the spiral. The spiral is a symbol of growth and evolution, and is often associated with the journey of the soul. It is a shape that is found throughout nature, from the spiral pattern of a seashell to the spiral arms of a galaxy.

The triangle is another shape that holds significant meaning in sacred geometry. The triangle represents the trinity, and is often used to symbolize the connection between the divine, the human, and the natural world. It is a shape that is also associated with balance, harmony, and stability.

One of the most complex shapes found in sacred geometry is the flower of life. This intricate geometric pattern is made up of multiple overlapping circles, and is believed to hold the blueprint for all of creation. It is a symbol of interconnectedness and unity, and is often used in meditation and energy healing practices.

The study of sacred geometry has been around for thousands of years, with examples of geometric patterns and shapes found in ancient cultures all over the world. These ancient civilizations recognized the powerful symbolism and spiritual significance of these shapes, and incorporated them into their art, architecture, and religious practices.

Today, the study of sacred geometry continues to inspire and inform artists, architects, mathematicians, and spiritual seekers. It is a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things, and the beauty and mystery of the natural world. Whether through meditation, art, or architecture, the use of sacred geometry can help us connect with our spiritual nature and tap into a deeper understanding of the universe around us.

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J'ai adoré le "Made With Love" ????♥️
Bonjour ???? Médaillon Métatron parfait et très joli . Commandé Dimanche reçu Mercredi ???? Juste au top. j en suis fan et recommande vraiment cément Kalisma bijoux

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