The Cross of Caravaca contains in its interior a fragment of the lignum crucis, the wood where Christ was crucified. The encolpio or reliquary cross has the shape of a pectoral, consists of a vertical axis with two horizontal crosspieces, and is usually represented with the figures of two carrying angels at the base, which underline the importance of the sacred relic.

the cross of caravan according to tradition, comes from the East, from the Syrian-Byzantine world, and belonged to Patriarch Robert of Jerusalem, the first bishop of this holy city, after it was taken from the Muslims in the first crusade (1099).

It is said that the cross was taken to Caravaca during the sixth crusade, when Emperor Frederick II was in Jerusalem (1230) and the historical tradition narrates its miraculous appearance in the Castle Alcazar of Caravaca on May 3, 1232, at the time of the Muslim domination of this territory.

The adoration of this cross helps to discover the transcendent dimension of reality, the realm that surpasses the mere rationality of man, and where it is only possible to take off one's shoes because it is sacred ground.

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